Slimmy Redux: The Mini Cooper of Wallets

The MINI Cooper is an iconic car.

The best selling British-made vehicle in modern history was purchased by BMW in 2000. Since then BMW has remained true to its original mission of providing a tough little car with panache and style. 

As purveyors of minimalist product, we have an especial affinity for the MINI and they’re approach to peddling vehicles. The MINI is called the MINI because quite simply, it’s small. Isn’t that obvious? That’s the only type of car they manufacture, small ones. And that’s the appeal. It’s simple. But it’s not for everyone.

They produce variations of the same small model to appeal to a greater variety of small car lovers.

At Koyono, we call our leather wallets Slimmy because we make only one type of leather wallet: Slim. Without realizing it, we were mimicking the MINI approach with our Slimmy Redux line. We do the the same thing by offering only one type of wallet in two sizes, variations of color, types of leather, and carry options (pockets/slots).

This is right on the first page of’s website:  "Tailor Made. With well over 10 million possible combinations, your MINI can be customized to your exact tastes.” However, if you look at all these possible combinations there is still one theme for the MINI. Same small style in two general degrees of compactness: 2-door MINI, or 4-door MINI.

This is our approach with Slimmy Redux. We offer variations based on your particular style and EDC tastes. However, in the end, they are all slim with two degrees of compactness: Slimmy 1 (68mm) and Slimmy 2 (79mm).

The Slimmy 1 is for those who carry less cash and want a super streamlined wallet, like a 2-door MINI is for drivers who want a sportier ride. On the other hand, the Slimmy 2 is for those who want to easily carry more cash and larger bank notes in a slim form, like a 4-door MINI is for drivers who want to easily transport more people in a small 4-door ride.

The Mini Copper of Wallets - Slimmy


Slimmy is to slim as MINI is to small, both with degrees of compactness (and irritation). Whether you are driving or carrying, find your minimalist pearl.

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