Slimmy X2 S2: Perspective


“...get in somebody else’s head for a change. If I bawl you out try to figure what I’m thinking about as well as how you feel about it. If Carlos curses Juan think what both their sides of it are. Don’t just think who is right. As a man things are as they should or shouldn’t be. As a man you know who is right and who is wrong. You have to make decisions and enforce them. As a human being you should not judge. You should understand.” —E. Hemingway


We all want one thing: to be happy. We all have our own way of achieving it, and we all want respect for our perspective, rightfully. At bolstr, we have a core understanding that everyone has a certain preference.

We focus on one product while offering variations of it: a slim leather wallet called the Slimmy.

The X1 series features 1 pocket and 2 slots. The X2 series features 2 pockets and 1 slot. The X3 series features 3 pockets.

Slimmy 1 (S1) perfectly accommodates currency folded into thirds and cards. 

Slimmy 2 (S2) is slightly larger with more of a global presence when it comes to storing currency.


When it comes to the Slimmy, and the Rule of 7 for minimal leather wallet design, some people preferred 2 pockets and 1 slot. The X2 series was created to satisfy this style proclivity, while keeping true to our 3 compartment philosophy without compromise.

The 2 pocket open design creates even easier access to currency and cards/IDs, while the slot can snugly hold a card or two that doesn’t have to be pulled out often, like an RFID card. (The RFID card can be used through the slim wallet to scan across readers).


Considering that there is an extra layer of leather in order to create two pockets, the X2 Slimmy 2 (X2 S2) maintains exceptional slimness. We don’t shy away from measuring our wallets.

  • Length: 4.125” (105mm) (Slightly longer than the S1)
  • Height: 3.125” (79mm) (Slightly taller than the S1)
  • Width: .190” (5mm)  (Slimmer than any other leather wallet maker)

The X2 S2 is perfect for travel. When you are on the move, you cannot bog down with unnecessary baggage. When traveling, the ‘less is more’ philosophy applies particularly well, making the Slimmy X2 S2 ideal for fast access and slim front pocket carry.


Though we are convinced that everyone can achieve less with more, we also know that minimalists have their own preference. The X2 S2 provides a viable choice for your everyday carry needs that fits your minimal style and perspective. We respect that and listen to our customers. After all, the X2 Slimmy was an idea that came from one of you.