About Slimmy®


Before classics become known, they enter the fray as a test to the satus quo, dismiss conventional thinking, and provide new ways of thinking about things. They disrupt before becoming a part of our everyday lives. Classics are not often thought of as revolutionary at this stage, which paradoxically is a beautiful thing: they stand the test of time by becoming essential.

Slimmy debuted in 2003 as the Slim Wallet Alternative to traditional billfolds and tri-folds. It was a disrupter well before the advent of the digital wallet and immediately struck a chord with men who did not need a wallet for everything. We were the first to make a slim leather wallet only, and it did not make sense to most people at the time. However, as customers started using Slimmy and loving it, the word got out, and now slim wallets are the norm.

We make classics that stand the test of time.

Slimmy® brand is owned by Bolstr LTD.