X1 Slimmy 2: Crossing Borders, Breaking Boundaries.

We understand the need for a slim leather wallet that easily adapts for both U.S. and global currencies, without compromising functionality. However, when people think of wallets for international bank notes and travel, bigger being better naturally comes to mind.

We disagree…

The X1 Slimmy 2 (X1S2) breaks world travel wallet ‘rules' by eliminating all excess layers of leather. In doing so, we made it the slimmest leather wallet on the planet (seriously, we can’t find one that is slimmer).

Don’t burden yourself no matter where you are on this globe. Minimalism applies most when you are on the move. Keep it slim and in your front pocket at all times.



Honest and transparent design defines the X1 S2. We clearly display measurements, so you know you’re getting a the best slim wallet. We don’t hide from our slimness. Let’s examine the measurements for the X1 S2:


  • Length: 4.125” (98mm) - A bit longer than the X1 S1 for a little more room when you need it.
  • Height: 3.125” (79mm) - A bit taller than the X1 S1. Paper currency is stored by folding it in half.
  • Width: .157” (4mm) - Irritatingly slim. The same as the X1 S1.

The slightly increased length and height allows for bigger bills such as the yen, euro, ruble, mark, and forint, making it functionally ideal for travel without compromising style.

The Rule of 7 applies to this slim beauty as it does for all Slimmy wallets. Minimize your wallet carry to 7 items in 3 storage areas. The defining design characteristic of the X1 is the the 1-pocket, 2-slot design approach. The open pocket design offers easy access while stowing currency, credit cards, as well as receipts you might accumulate throughout your day. Two slots on either side accommodate less used cards like your ID and RFID access cards. Importantly, the slots create a tension effect when loaded resulting in a more snug hold around the items in the open pocket.

The rounded corners and slimness of the premium leathers make the X1 S2 naturally front pocket worthy. Travel with confidence knowing full well that it’s virtually impossible to lose your wallet or get pickpocketed. Your items are secured, yet easily accessible.

The X1 S2’s sophisticated and minimalist allure breaks boundaries and expands slim leather wallet functionality. It's classic style oozes savoir faire in any language or culture.

Get one today. Pair it up with an X1 S1 and double down on less is more!