Honesty and the Magic of 7

During our last Kickstarter launch which created the Redux line of Slimmy Wallets, the idea for the X2  Slimmy slim wallets was born when a customer suggested a new design. By creating two pockets and replacing the third with a slot, we manifested a slimmer wallet making the X2 an essential minimalist EDC item.

The human brain on average remembers a maximum of 7 things on the fly. Why do you think phone numbers are 7 digits long? This pscyhological concept is called the ‘magical number of 7’.

The X2 is optimized to put 7 dedicated items into your wallet. The arrangement of your 7 magical dedicated items in your X2 might follow this logic:

  • 1-2: Two cards in the slot (RFID access) 
  • 3: Cash in the first pocket (up to 7 bills) 
  • 4-6: Three credit/bank cards in the RFID protected second pocket 
  • 7: Room for receipts/business cards
X2 Slimmy Magic 7 Slim Wallet

    You can fill your X2 with more than 7 items, but the idea is to simplify your life. If you honor the intended initial irritation of minimalization, the X2 design will reveal its power to unclutter and untether.


    “Good design is honest. It does not make product more innovative, powerful, or valuable than it really is. It does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept.”  

    —Dieter Rams

    Simple and honest. No magic involved, maybe a little irritation at first as you adjust to your minimalist life style. But that’s a little downside with a huge upside. Sounds like a good investment.

    bolstr maintains integrity by designing only one kind of wallet: slim. Most other leather wallet company’s shy away from this claim. Why? Perhaps they could stand to revisit the honesty of their slim wallet approach. All our wallet measurements are always clearly displayed.

    Slim Warrant: Trusted Slim Wallet Design by bolstr.