Minimally Designed to Create Pearls (of Irritation)

Why would we design for irritation? Because we are mimicking nature when we do.

Take for example the oyster. The oyster’s shell is efficiently sized. There are some oysters as big as dinner plates, but most are about the size of a man’s hand. An oyster grows its shell just enough for it’s living. It doesn’t continue to grow it to the size of a whale.

The oyster’s shell space is so efficient, that when an irritant gets caught, the oyster coats it, eventually forming a pearl.

The Slimmy’s slim wallet design creates just enough irritation so you can discover your minimalist pearl.

Customers have told us that sometimes it’s hard to adjust to their new minimal wallet. They get ‘irritated’ because they have to fit what they carry. It forces them to chop what is unnecessary.  The initial discomfort of minimizing, eventually turns into discovering their pearl of minimalist living. Take this blog entry from a few years back from a satisfied customer, for example.

At this point, it’s not only documented scientific fact, but self evident truth, when you have less, your brain functions better. With the Slimmy there is less clutter in your wallet to distract you.

The Slimmy’s claim as the thinnest wallet on the planet is backed by the measurements. The information is transparent, and clearly displayed on our website.

The Slimmy is designed for everyday carry (EDC) in your front pocket. You minimize the cards and cash you carry while increasing the room in your pockets.

Wanna be a helpful irritant?  Issue a Slim Warrant to your Butt-Brick toting friends. Convert their Butt-Brick into a pearl.