A Slim Leather Wallet Should Be All-Pro, No Con.

There are many good slim wallets on the market and people have a right to decide which is best for their use. This is especially true when it when it comes to deciding design material. 

That said, not all slim wallets are created equal. This is especially true when it comes to leather

Other leather slim wallet manufacturers might manufacture a quality leather wallet, though the truth is that they are not actually slim, no matter how much they preach the slim wallet gospel. 

What we find particularly interesting is that almost all of them do not list thin measurements for their wallets. How can anyone know what slim is if there is no way to measure it? If a wallet does not start slim, it is unlikely to remain slim once you put anything into it. 

Our goal is to design the best slim leather wallet.  We call this slim leather wallet, 'Slimmy’.

What is slim? We list measurements. We are transparent and honest with our slim wallet design. 

Slimmy’s are made from the slimmest possible full grain leather. It takes time to make leather slim enough for our wallets. Leather can be controlled to +/- .25mm thickness, so precision matters during the thinning process. Our leather is slim, therefore our wallets are slim.

Furthermore, we limit the number of layers of this 'precision thinned' leather, resulting with a wallet that starts slim out of the package, and stays slim with use.

Billfolds and tri-folds, of any material, are not slim. Why? They offer too much room, allowing you stuff it full and carry more than you truly need. Instead of dealing with the initial irritation of minimalising your life, you end up with the unending frustration of clutter. 

All-Pro, No Con.

Pro: Open pocket design allows quick and easy access.

Pro: Designed and manufactured side by side with coveted brands in the fashion world, Slimmy is all-pro. No cons about it. We stand behind our word.

Pro: The wallets are comfortable. In hand. In the pocket. In a word, comfort. 

Pro: Made from full grain USA steerhide, they look great, and age gracefully, especially premium Horween Shell Cordovan. 

Pro: Slimmy’s are durable.  They outlast elastic wallets. 

Pro: The classic look of leather appeals to humanity's evolutionary core of existence. The superior leather craftsmanship of Slimmy exudes class. How classy is a wallet made of Tyvek? Or a hunk of metal in your pocket? 

Pro: Sleek. The slimmest leather wallet designed on the planet commands elegance. 

Get Slimmy. Get the best slim wallet. All-pro, no cons.