Slimmy 1 Design Direction

“Why did you make the Slimmy 1 shorter than the Original Slimmy?”

This is a question that I knew would come up. As others commented, the trend is more and more moving towards a cashless everyday carry experience. We currently offer three sizes (C Slimmy, Slimmy Original and wwSlimmy) and I really did not see a need to have three sizes given this trend. 

The Slimmy 1 fits in-between the C Slimmy and Slimmy Original, and is just large enough to accommodate a slot that fits a credit card. The C Slimmy is too small for this feature but superbly compact. Through the design process, I thought having a dedicated credit card slot in a compact form was more important than making more than one wallet that completely covers cash when folded in half (the Slimmy 2 aka wwSlimmy serves this need). From a buyers perspective, the Slimmy 1 is decisively the most compact wallet.

I am an X Slimmy guy myself and used the first Slimmy 1 prototype for close to 6 months to confirm the design direction. I found that I rarely carried more than 5 bills at a time (if at all) and that the improved compactness was hard to give up. When I did have more cash, it was not an issue at all having it protrude slightly. 

Importantly, the Slimmy 2 is only about .25" taller than the Original Slimmy (its actually less), and accommodates international currencies as well as the US Dollar. It made sense to make this the more cash wallet of choice. If you use a Slimmy 2 or wwSlimmy, it is not that much of a difference compared to an Original; it stays flatter as cards and receipts have a tad bit more room. Lastly, by eliminating sizes, it allows us to bring on other carry options like the X2 Slimmy. 

I hope this gives people better a sense as to why I made the Slimmy 1 smaller than the original Slimmy.

Thank you,

Jay Yoo