Kickstarter Stretch Goals



Hello Slim Wallet Enthusiasts,

Thank you all again for helping me get this project funded! The support and good will from backers on Kickstarter never ceases to amaze me, and I would like to reciprocate by trying to make some of your suggestions a reality. Importantly, changes during a campaign can be challenging as higher quantities are required to justify bringing on new designs and product variations.

I am pleased to announce two new Stretch Goals that will make it possible to meet the minimum order requirements for new Slimmy designs.

$30,000: Help us reach this goal and we will be able to add the View Slimmy 2, as well as the black with red color way. After reevaluating the View Slimmy 2 design, it will be possible add the window without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the Slimmy. This is achieved as there is only one pass of stitch work around the window.

$60,000: I am really excited about this design, suggested by a long time Slimmy owner (and current backer) who wanted a 2-pocket Slimmy with two slots. At first I was not sure if this design would be significantly different from the 3-pocket and 1-pocket designs. After tinkering and prototyping a bit, I confirmed that the two slots and a center layer seemed to work against one another… However, after removing one slot, the design made complete sense. With the X2 Slimmy you have two easily accessible compartments and one dedicated slot for a card with RFID access. While it is not the slimmest option, it is slightly more compact for those who prefer a little less organization for more slimness.

Help me bring this new designs to life and thank you all for backing my Kickstarter. I really appreciate it. Keep spreading the good minimalist word so other people can Slimmy their wallet!

Thank you,


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