There are several nuanced variations of the Slimmy wallet.


The Original Slimmy debuted in 2003. As the original slim leather wallet designed and sold to be front pocket worthy, we knew it would be successful. Several reasons inspired the ‘front pocket worthy’ design including comfort, ease of access, and slimness. In the initial months of its release our ‘less is more' message resonated, and many readily pared down their wallet carry; they were coming to the truth about bifolds and tri-folds, that they are not designed for front pockets. 

We were taken aback by the level of interest and enthusiasm and knew were on to something...

Bifolds and trifolds are unable to be carried in front pockets as they have a tendency to beef up. Most men carry them in their back pocket. Back pocket carry of these ‘butt-bricks’ produce unseemly fade. When sitting with them in back pockets, spinal misalignment directly correlates to back pain and discomfort. In order to avoid the pain, many people remove their wallets, thus leaving it exposed to loss and/or theft. 

Other wallet makers supposedly produce slim wallets, however, bifolds and tri-folds represent their product line. We sensed their conflicting message of slimness  and focus on only one type of leather wallet - slim. We still do not think it makes sense to promote a slim wallet line that includes bifolds and trifolds, that start out thick (some up to 25mm!) and encourages overstuffing. 

The Slimmy Original started the slim leather wallet revolution. Tens of thousands of loyal customers swear by the wallet's design.

So why change a good thing? We didn’t.

The Slimmy Original at this point is the definitive ‘classic’ slim leather wallet. We think it’ll be around for generations, but also know customers have varying preferences within the realm of minimal and ‘slim.’ In order to accommodate these different slim front carry preferences, the original design was nuanced based on customer input.

Also One of the new designs we introduced is the S2 series.


Here are the two main differences between the Original Slimmy and the S2 line:


The Original is 76mm’s in height. S2 is 79mm. It’s incredible how much of a difference a mere 3mm’s allowing for the accommodation of international currencies without detracting from its compactness. Yet strangely enough, increasing the height beyond 3mm’s made the wallet too bulky. It’s a fine line to tread.


S2’s are slimmer than the Original. The Original is folded and sewn together on the bottom and side, in the patented Open Access Design. However, the folded and sewn bottom generates creates a little less depth. A rubberized coating around the edges hold S2’s together and allows for efficient stacking of the leather and not need for a folded and sewn approach. This gives this slim wallet a little more depth with less material of construction.


S2’s offered in four styles:

  • X3S2 - Three pockets
  • X2S2 - Two pockets, one slot.
  • X1S2 -  One pocket, two slots.
  • VX3S2 - Three pockets with ID view Slot

Slimmy Original offered in 2 styles:

In order to maintain slimness for every day carry, your wallet must be slim. Embrace minimalism to keep it slim. Do more, with less.

Minimalist living begins with small things (pun intended). Practice minimalism with your wallet. It’s a good innocuous place to start. Then easily apply the same principles to larger arenas, such as home and transport.

Start today with a Slimmy.