A Key Tool

One of the main barriers to minimizing wallet carry is getting people to ditch loyalty cards. People hang onto these cards because it provides 5% savings on pharmaceuticals at the local drugstore, or a nickel of gasoline for every $10 spent. While it’s true that these savings and benefits add up over time, the effort to carry them all sometimes doesn’t seem worth it. However, with the proper tool, it’s a problem easily solved.

Key Ring

is a fantastic tool that allows removal of all loyalty cards from your wallet, yet take full advantage of all savings and rewards they bestow. And it’s free!

It’s function is simple and effective. There are three simple steps to implement this smartphone app:

  1. Download app.
  2. Scan all loyalty and rewards cards into your smartphone. Now you can keep all your lovely plastic cards at home.
  3. The app takes things one step further finding sales/discounts for you and planing an efficient shopping trip.

In order to pursue a minimalist lifestyle, elimination is imperative.

In order to make the Slimmy Wallet effective, expel unnecessary EDC. Focus on what is essential for your wallet carry. Generally, we can eliminate almost all loyalty and rewards cards because we don’t use them every day like for an example an I.D. or cash. The problem is that you’ll have to remember to grab your particular loyalty card, and this is just one more thing for you to think about…