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Bolstr Bag Review by Pascal Forget 09/02/2015

Bolstr Small Carry Bag Review (LoadedPocketz 01/27/2015)

Versatile Crossbody Bags (TrendHunter, 08/27/14)

bolstr EDC Bag (Everyday Carry, 08/20/2014)

The Bolstr Bag Is A Gadget Toter’s Best Friend (TechCrunch, 08/15/14)

CLE Innovations: bolstr – The Perfect Crossbody Bag for Fellas (Cool Cleveland, 08/15/14)

スマホや鍵などゴチャッとしがちな必需品をすっきりコンパクトに収納する防水バッグ「bolstr」(Gigazine, 08/14/14)

First Look: Bolstr Kickstarter Project(LoadedPocketz, 08/11/14)

Cleveland entrepreneur's modern everyday bag for men is a hit on Kickstarter (Cleveland.com, 08/07/14)

SLIMMY Wallet Original with RFID Shielding Review (Gadget Review, 04/12/14)

Christmas Gifts For Dad: What To Buy Your Father This Year (Huffington Post, 11/20/13)

Recommendation Engine: Stash Your Stuff in Clever Hidden Pockets (Wired, 09/6/12)

Koyono Slimmy Wallet Review0 (The Gadgeteer, 12/21/10)

Koyono Slim Wallet Review, (Brian Wong, 12/07/10)

Koyono BUILT, (BindSpple, 05/26/10)

Koyono BlackCoat Work (Crunchwear, 05/26/10)

Koyono intros new HyperMac, Magneat accessories, (MAcNN, 11/03/2009)

The HyperMac will charge your Mac notebook and iPhone off the grid, (TechCrunch 11/03/2009)

The Slimmy Wallet, (Gear Journal, 6/2/2009)

Chill Pill provides speakers for portable devices, (ipodnn, 05/26/2009)

Slimmy Wallet, (Stuff Geeks Want, 5/5/2009) 

Koyono Customer Service Reviews

Company designs gadget-friendly sportswear (Milwaukee JS, 04/01/09)

Picking a More (Front) Pocket-Friendly Wallet (pocketnow.com, 3/5/2009)

Koyono SportSlimmy (Uncrate, 1/20/09)

New Booq 17-in MacBook Pro laptop bag (MacNN, 07/12/08)

Koyono offers three new Mac-cessories (MacNN, 06/13/08)

Koyono debuts new BUILT sleeves, backpacks (iPodNN, 5/25/08)

Koyono debuts new BUILT sleeves, backpacks (MacNN, 05/23/08)

Koyono debuts Cool Feet, (Seven Magazine, 04/1/08)

Slimmy Front Pocket Pen (Uncrate, 10/15/2007)

Slimmy Front Pocket Pen (Uncrate, 10/1/07)

[On Writing] Slimmy, Mosso, and Antopodes (37 Signals, 7/13/07)

Stash your gadgets in these tech-ready togs (LA Times, 6/21/07)

Koyono Slimmy Wallets (Uncrate, 5/5/07)

Koyono BlackCoat AirGo (Apple Matters, 04/27/07)

QuickLook: Koyono's iPod BlackCoat SYD (Pocketnow, 04/13/07) 

The secrets of a super-slim wallet (LifeClever, 4/9/07)

Fashion Takes Center Stage at CTIA Wireless 2007 (Edge Miami, 3/11/07)

Short Take | Koyono's iPod BlackCoat Sport (Pockenow, 10/04/06)

Jazz up your iPod (FoxNews, 8/17/06)

Get more out of your iPod with these accessories for every budget (USA Today, 8/17/06)

Koyono BlackCoat Sport (MacWorld, 7/28/06)

Is that an iPod in you pocket? (Sound & Vision, 06/01/2006)

BlackCoat Work Jacket with iPod Integration (iLounge, 5/18/06)

Koyono iPod Shirt (Crunchwear, 05/10/2006)

Man Stuff - The Best of Uncrate (Gizmodo, 5/3/2006)

Technical Dream Coat (Continental Airlines, May 2006)

Koyono offers new iPod-ready gear for Spring/Summer (iLounge, 4/28/06)

Made for iPod jackets (MacNN, April, 28 2006)

The kit: High tech gear: how did you cope before? (Times, London, 2/7/06)

April Showers Bring iPod Shelters (Sound and Vision, 2/6/2006)

Lyndhurst firm dresses up the iPod (Plain Dealer, front page, 1/19/06)

BlackCoat Work: A Smarter Jacket For Your iPod (Wired, 1/16/06)

Take your iPod to the office with the BlackCoat Work (engadget, 1/16/06)

Koyono is part of the iPod economy (The Courier Mail, 1/13/06)

iPod Accessories are the Rage at MacWorld (USA Today, 1/11/06)

Koyono and BlackCoat Classic (Delta Sky Magazine, 01/01/06)

The KOYONO Slimmy, (kaboodle, 12/06/05)

MacWorld reviews BlackCoat-T (MacWorld 12/3/05)

Geek Wishlist: Koyono BlackCoat-T (Theory in the Reason, 9/14/05)

Tools you can use 2005 (Fast Company, 7/2005)

Short Take: Koyono's Slimmy Wallet (Pocketnow, 06/06/05)

Koyono BlackCoat Airgo (Pocketnow, 5/17/05)

Koyono Store Review (Josh Spear, 5/13/05)

Like a Girdle for Your Credit Cards (New York Times, 5/12/05)

Koyono Releases New BlackCoat TX (Pocketnow, 4/21/05)

4 Stars for BlackCoat-T (PC Magazine, 2/16/05)

Koyono provides fashion for the digital lifestyle (Boston Globe, 2/3/05)

BlackCoat Classic Review (Pocketnow, 2/1/05)

PC World: Zip and Drive (12/7/04)

Koyono's BlackCoat-T  (Pocketnow, 10/20/04)

PDA Club: BlackCoat-T review (10/10/04 (English and Dutch)

For Guys and Their Gadgets (Plain Dealer, 9/01/04)

Review of BlackCoat-T (Red Ferret Journal, 8/27/04)

Future Bytes: German review of BlackCoat-T (8/25/04 - Deutsch)

Engadget: Hide your gadgets in your BlackCoat-T (8/24/04)

Popgadget: The Thinnest Wallets on Earth. (8/20/04)

Jed Hildebrand (6/10/04)