We make only one kind of wallet in two degrees of slim.

What exactly is the difference between a 3-pocket or 1-pocket (2-slot) Slimmy? Both minimal forms offer three compartments for your credit cards, ID, cash, receipts, and business cards.

The 3-pocket design is the first configuration we made and consists of three equal compartments that are open on two ends. Those that prefer this design configuration demand fast access to all things in their wallet and do not mind a few extra millimeters between their cash and cards for equal compartmentalization.

The 1-pocket design also offers three compartments in the most minimal form possible. The configuration of this slim wallet consists of one main compartment with two open ends. However, in place of two other equal compartments, there are two discrete slots on either side for less used credit cards, your ID or business cards. Rather than building an unneeded structure in the wallet, what is carried in the side slots create both structure and tension to hold items in the main compartment in place.