New Slimmy Redux RFID




Slimmy is the only wallet that offers RFID and access in one. Look for the Slimmy logo and face it outward away from your body for RFID protection. Flip Slimmy over to the non-logo side for fast RFID access. Unique and one of a kind. 

A question was raised during my Slimmy Kickstarter campaign as to why I took this approach (one outer side shielded only) versus having the inner layers of the Slimmy original carry option lined for access and protection. The premise being that is compromises security:

“Having RFID shielding on only one side of the wallet is a step backwards for Slimmy.

Yes, it’s great that this gives you protection from RFID scanners while still allowing you to use RFID cards without removing them from the wallet. But it also places an incessant cognitive burden on the user: better make sure the RFID shielding points outwards every time you put your Slimmy in your pocket–or you’ll be unprotected!

The previous generation of Slimmies did RFID better. The regular Slimmy provided both RFID protection and access without forcing you to think about whether you were putting your wallet in your pocket the correct way. 

The X Slimmy only provided RFID protection, but it didn’t make you think about how you put your wallet in your pocket. And taking an RFID card out of your wallet to use it isn’t especially difficult.

If a wallet forces you to constantly think about what’s the proper way to use it, the wallet needs a better design.”

I appreciate the feedback. Importantly, this was a pretty straight forward decision based on customer feedback, research on RFID and testing.

  1.  X Slimmy customers wanting both RFID access and protection (not just protection).
  2. Some customers using the original Slimmy 3 pocket design with RFID transit cards indicated the card could not be read, even with the card in the non-shielded side.  It seems having two shields on the inside caused interference around the entire wallet.
  3. If you carry your wallet in your front pocket, would be wireless credit card “skimming” thieves would have to get within inches of you to pull data. And the likelihood of them being able to steal your credit card information is still pretty slim.

Overall, it seemed like a natural progression to make all Slimmy wallets universally 2-Way RFID (access and protection). Putting the shield on just one side, and having a few layers of material and other cards in-between, reduces the likelihood of interference on the access side while providing peace of mind.

I understand the tradeoff of it being a bit of a change. But like driving a rented car, the first couple of hours might be cognitively burdensome, but after a day subtle nuances of the car become second nature. Surely is will be easier than plugging in an unmarked USB cord, which should be 50/50, but never seems to be… Having thoroughly used a Slimmy 1 myself for a few months (the building where our office is has a card reader), I am sure customers will not find it to be cognitively burdensome.

I really appreciate the comments and support. Thank you!