Universal Laws, Wisdom and Wallets

Why carry a fat wallet when you don’t have to? Maybe it was designed to hold more than you need; perhaps it invites unnecessary stuffing.

Parkinson’s Universal Law: "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

Your wallet is a lot like Parkinson’s Law, give it an inch and it will take a mile. All those unnecessary compartments and layers in your wallet are just aching to be filled up with plastic and paper you don’t need to carry. Before you know it, the clutter is so great you can’t imagine the hassle of cleaning it out.


What does this say about your life? Does your wallet reflect the unnecessary, wasteful or potentially destructive things you’re filling it up with? Do you have hundreds of cable channels? Dozens of magazine subscriptions? An outdated dining room set only to fill a dining room that you never use? Perhaps this excess is not an expression of who you really are.

And how about time? Are you wasting time that is not productive for work, good for personal growth or required for rejuvenation? As the Roman philosopher Seneca profoundly noted:

"It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it."

Did you know that we work less than we did in 1965? We actually have more leisure time today. You’re thinking: “No way!” …but it’s true. The real issue is what we fill that time with. How much more time do you spend messaging and perusing on Facebook than you did 5 years ago? How often do you get lost in a google search that takes you 20 places you’d not intended to explore? How many days a year does all this activity add up to? You may be surprised. With more of our work being done "on a screen," it is easy to get distracted and squander what otherwise would be precious free time. If we are not careful, life—like a traditional wallet—fills up with stuff that is not all that rewarding or pleasurable in the end.

The wallet you carry can be a mirror of your life; both will get very cluttered if you’re not mindful and choose wisely. By intentionally selecting a svelte, efficient wallet, you’re setting the stage for a lifestyle shift where you discard what’s in your way and reclaim your free time for leisure or growth.

Imagine the luxury of a wallet so flat it fits easily in a front pocket. No more sitting on a “brick” that kills your back. No more inviting pickpockets to ruin your day or your vacation. And make the frustration of not being able to find your buried stuff in a messy billfold or trifold a thing of the past.

Reliable Design

Any wallet maker that does not provide a thickness dimension is hiding something. Don’t believe the hype if you come across a wallet without a thickness dimension that claims to be super thin. Beware of wallets that have more room than you need, because you’ll be setting yourself up to unconsciously cram it full. Start slim and compact, end slim and compact.

Less is more. Slim wallets are supposed to be simple in form and function. Wallets with money clips and bands add complexity (bulk, extra steps, etc.) and are not necessary. A wallet is not a Slinky and does not need to descend a flight of stairs. And if you do not have your cash in a money clip, do you really want something rigid taking up precious pocket real estate? As for elastic, it is nice as a compliment to a wallet like it is to underwear; it adds function and an element of fashion. But remember, a 100% elastic wallet is not quality by any measure; the packaging probably cost more than wallet itself.

Make your life simple by starting with your wallet - carry a quality slim wallet that can easily fit in your front pocket.

Slim Design Integrity

We make quality slim wallets that fit in your front pocket and provide fast access to your stuff. That’s it. Slimmy is not for everyone… But if you are fastidious about keeping pocket bulk to a minimum or are eager to change your fat wallet ways, then we know you will love the essence of Slimmy.

Making a perfect slim wallet requires a careful balance of form, fit, function and fashion. We could make a snazzy billfold, slap our name on it, and create a magic show that pretends ours can carry as many cards as your old fatty, but never grow in proportion to what is shoved into it. But we know that billfolds and trifolds have layer upon layer of leather AND fold! There is no such thing as a slim billfold or trifold if they start thick and/or offer too much room (it will fill up!)

Sans marketing gimmicks and magic tricks, we insist that our form, fit, function and fashion criteria focus only on one kind of leather wallet: slim. Here is how it breaks down:

  • FORM: Slim (thin, compact, flat, minimal).
  • FIT: In your front pocket. Limited excess capacity; cannot be overstuffed.
  • FUNCTION: Easy access and organization.

All Slimmy wallets feature a core open pocket design and varying degrees of organization and slimness. There are no folds or extra room (leading causes of undesired bulk). We only make quality. It’s just that simple.

Master Your Domain: Wallet-to-Life

Can a wallet really be a gateway to living a more uncluttered (and productive) life? It certainly can be a beacon of minimalism reminding you to continually uncomplicate. If you are religious about consistently maintaining a slim wallet, we think this spills over into other areas of your life. Seriously, we do not know anyone who maintains a svelte Slimmy and hoards privately. It’s not possible! So if you are messy in the real world, chances are you carry a fat and/or messy wallet. If you want to have a more uncluttered life, then a Slimmy wallet is a really good place to start.

As you enjoy a less cluttered life, Slimmy reminds you daily:

  • To question the need for anything you purchase (the less you buy the less cluttered life will be).
  • How often you still buy things you don’t need (you’ll have to throw away stuff to make space for what you really want).
  • Where you are spending time (or wasting it on things that do not matter).

Can a slim wallet really change people’s lives? We believe so. One pocket at a time. Make having a slim wallet a privilege. Carry it like a badge of honor. A trophy symbolizing mastery of simplicity. Take it out with pride and let others revel in your front pocket nirvana.

Slim Wallet Wisdom

  • Any wallet that cannot comfortably fit in your front pocket is not slim.
  • Without a wallet requiring you to carry only what you need, you will end up with a fat wallet.
  • Beware folded layers of leather, they add bulk.
  • You know quality when you see it and when you don’t. Choose your slim wallet wisely.
  • Avoid any wallet maker that does not list a thickness dimension for their wallet.
  • Sidestep gimmicks and marketing tricks that defy physics.
  • Carrying a wallet in your back pocket can cause back problems over time.
  • Digitize as much as possible with smartphone apps.
  • Unclutter your wallet every morning. It really is that simple.
  • The bigger the wallet, the more likely you will want take it out of your pocket and lose it.
  • If you need a bluetooth transmitter to find your wallet, it's too fat to fit in your front pocket.
  • Don't believe the hype.

Thank You.

Yes, we do take our slim wallets pretty seriously, and have since 2003. We offer a variety of other products, but the design or selection of all of them are inspired or influenced by the purity of the Slimmy brand in one way or another. Thanks for taking time to read our manifesto. Unclutter and untether yourself.