Black Canvas Series 1 - Terry Urban

Terry Urban In-Studio - Los Angeles, California

In-Studio. Los Angeles, CA. 

We love art. As an expression of our humanity and the world around us, it gives us clarity in ways that we cannot always find through words and numbers alone. It begs questions, gives us hope, makes us think and pleases the senses. At a collective level, art deepens culture and enriches society.

We think art is important and would like to share a little through what we do. 

“Black Canvas” engages artists to create works that can be printed on our slim wallets. Profits are split 50/50 with the artist and all prints are limited. It is our small way of showing appreciation for creativity.

Terry Urban with Machine Gun Kelly at the VH1 Music Awards

At the 2020 VH1 Music Awards with Machine Gun Kelly

About the Artist.

Black Canvas Series 1 features Terry Urban. A fellow Clevelander who now resides in LA, Terry is a painter at his core and cut his teeth in graffiti art while pursuing a decade long career as a mixtape DJ. Some of his musical productions include “Unbelievable" (tribute to The Notorious B.I.G., hosted by P. Diddy), "The Graduate ‘(hosted by Kanye West) and Viva La Hova, which mashed up Jay-Z and Coldplay. 

Coming off of a strong, decade long run as a DJ, Terry turned back to painting to pursue a new creative calling. His style is influenced by abstract / neo-expressionism that explores the possibilities of his subjects with freedom from representational aspects of art. Terry paints on several mediums including denim and leather. 

Terry Urban Lilpeep Never Die Leather Jacket

Art in Fashion on Leather. Lilpeep's Never Die Custom Jacket

For Slimmy, Terry takes two abstract prints that are symbols of passing and opportunities for peace. The first uses his signature skull with peace symbols as eyeballs. A reminder to seek peace now, while we are alive. The second is a rough and tumble peace sign with a message about the expense of distraction and turmoil. Both allow the observer to sit between love and conflict, and ask questions around the occurrence of both.

Terry Urdan x Slimmy

Terry Urban's Signature Skull

Both prints will be available for pre-order on October 1 and will ship on Oct 31, (Halloween). These wallets are made to order and limited.

Thank you Terry for working with us! We look forward to doing more with you and other artists in the future!